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Why in the hell do I have to do this?

Exercise and your health is a decision. In my experience, you have to decide to do it or not. The longer you stay in the contemplation game, you most likely will end up cutting corners. So what’s the decision about? When you wait to make that decision when you’re older, you could end up with a heap of issues. What issues? Obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, depression, flexibility, balance, sleep, activities of daily living, stress, longevity, and happiness. Even with as little as a 10% weight loss, you can reverse your co-morbidities and live a healthy life. Is it tough, yes. Is it worth it? Hell yes it is. To have a happy, healthy life in your golden years is a wish for most of us. It’s about being present and not sick or in the hospital. Being able to attend the most cherished moments in life is not guaranteed. How we treat ourselves now, today, can have a profound effect on your life and you being there when it counts.

That is my job. To guide you in a safe, calculated, professional way that gets you results and gets you moving which leads to you being there when it matters most.



Let me help you live your best life

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